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Have You Met Ruby?

Chocolate, as we know it today, has been around since the mid 1800s, so most folks are pretty well acquainted with the 3 types of chocolate on the market...Dark, White and Milk.

But have you met the delightful Ruby?

It is a beautiful shade of dusty pink and both its colour and tangy berry flavour are completely natural - all coming from the Ruby Cacao Bean. It was developed through a collaboration with Callebaut and the Jacobs University in Bremen Germany. The Ruby Cacao Bean grows in Countries within the "Cocoa Belt" (20 degrees above and 20 degrees below the Equator) such as Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. Once the type of cacao bean with particular attributes was identified, a special method of processing was also created to bring out the unique colour and flavours. There is some speculation that the process of making Ruby chocolate involves less fermentation than regular chocolate - but that secret is protected with a patent! Ruby was released in 2017 at a Shanghai Trade Show. It didn't come to Canada until 2019.

Ruby's beautiful colour and flavour profile are giving Bakers, Chefs and Chocolatiers a whole new outlet for their creativity. Here in the shop, we have made molded Ruby Jewels, Ruby Dipped Papaya, Ruby Mendiants topped with Roasted Hazelnut, Dried Kiwi and Freeze Dried Raspberry, Ruby Tuesday Flats and even a Peanut Butter Cup dipped in Ruby Chocolate. And this is just the beginning as we are always experimenting and looking for new recipes to try!

What about pairing Ruby Chocolate with other foods you ask? Callebaut says Ruby pairs perfectly with "Rose Champagne, Belgian Kriek Beer, Salted Caramel, and even savoury ingredients such as Blue Cheese." Personally, I have tried a couple of pieces with a glass of Malivoire's 2019 Rose Moire and it was amazing (although I believe this series is now sold out). Experiment and find your own favourite paring!

Want to try Ruby Chocolate in your home baking? We now have 450g bags available in the Chocolatier's Pantry in the shop.

Lori Eisenberger, Owner and Master Chocolatier

Beanermunky Chocolate Dundas

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